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New issue of TRIBUTE newsletter

newsletterLet us share with you the second edition of our TRIBUTE newsletter.

In this issue we would like to inform you about the completion of TRIBUTE project’s first year through the organisation of a M12 meeting.

During the M12 meeting that took place in October 2014 in Dublin, Ireland the consortium presented various achievements of first 12 months towards definition framework and project specifications, selection of communication protocols, definition of the architecture, work on simulation models for demonstration sites or definition of scenarios to be deployed there.

In this issue, we are also sharing with you news on the latest dissemination activities.

More information on the overall results can be found here.  Enjoy the reading!

TRIBUTE consortium met in Dublin

dublinThe TRIBUTE team met at the end of October in Dublin, Ireland for its M12 meeting.

During this two day meeting, TRIBUTE work progress in individual WPs were presented and technical discussion took place in specific workshops dedicated to building energy simulations, instrumentation of the testing sites and development of users interface.

The meeting was concluded with the General Assembly meeting, where some important decisions were made on the future TRIBUTE progress. During the GA meeting the financial reporting covering first 12 months of the project was presented.


TRIBUTE participation at Sustainable places 2014

sp14TRIBUTE project representatives participated in Sustainable Places 2014 conference that took place in Nice, France, on October 1st – 3rd 2014. This conference was jointly organised by RESILIENT and PERFORMER FP7 projects and aimed at covering all the topics of interest in the Energy-efficient Buildings Public-Private Partnerships (EeB PPP): e.g. renewable production, energy storage, construction materials, retrofitting, renewal etc. Besides listening to the newest trends in the EeB domain and recent outputs of EeB projects, TRIBUTE took part in the clustering workshop with projects funded from the same call as TRIBUTE.

During this workshop TRIBUTE team met with colleagues from the ENERGY IN TIME, PERFORMER and DIRECTION projects. This workshop was dedicated to discussion on common topics and potential future collaboration as well as proposed joint activities.

The overall output of the Sustainable Places 2014 conference is available at the website: http://sustainable-places.eu/past-events/sp2014/.

TRIBUTE clustering

clusterTRIBUTE project initiated cooperation with two other European projects that participated in the same FP7 call and were selected to be funded from the FP7 programme. A teleconference with representatives of Energy in Time (Simulation based control for Energy Efficiency operation and maintenance), PERFORMER (Portable, Exhaustive, Reliable, Flexible and Optimized approach to Monitoring and Evaluation of building energy performance) and TRIBUTE projects took place in July 2014.

Representatives of all three projects will meet personally for the first time at a workshop focused on clustering activities among European projects in the field of Energy efficient buildings. The workshop will be organized during the Sustainable Places 2014 conference taking place from 1 to 3 October 2014 in Nice, France.

TRIBUTE at ECTP conference

ECTPECTP-E2BA Conference ‘Construction and Built Environment – Future Horizonstook place from 17 to 19 June 2014 in Brussels, Belgium.

It was organized by the European Construction Technology Platform (ECTP) jointly with ENCORD (European Network of Construction Companies for Research and Development) and ENBRI (European Network of Building Research Institutes), and with the support of ECCREDI (European Council for Construction Research, Development and Innovation). TRIBUTE roll-up was presented at the event. More information on the event is available here.

TRIBUTE M12 meeting in Dublin

dublinThe TRIBUTE team will meet again at the end of October in Dublin, Ireland (21 – 22 October  2014).

A two day meeting has been planned in order to discuss further TRIBUTE progress as well as give the opportunity to the General Assembly members to meet and make some important decisions on further TRIBUTE activities.

During this annual meeting a workshop focused on modelling and simulation of selected testing sites will take place as well as a workshop on deployment and installation of the sensors and other equipment on the testing sites.

 M12 meeting in Dublin is also good opportunity to visit IBM Living lab building, that was selected as one of the TRIBUTE testing sites.

TRIBUTE at Industrial Technologies 2014

industrial-technologiesIndustrial Technologies conference took place from 9 to 11 April 2014 in Athens, Greece in Megaron Conference Centre under the Greek Presidency of the Council of the EU. More than 1300 people from over 60 countries participated in the event.

As a part of the conference the IndustryTech 2014 exhibition was held where TRIBUTE was promoted. At a joint booth of TRIBUTE and AMBASSADOR (other FP7 project, where SE, CSEM, ZF and AMI participate in) projects Schneider Electric and NXP sensors measuring and evaluating temperature, humidity and luminosity were exhibited as well as short videos demonstrating the created modells of the TRIBUTE testing sites in IDA_ICE. Project’s roll-up, poster, fact sheet and other dissemination materials were distributed as well. The stand was a success as it was chosen to be among 10 finalists for the most innovative exhibitor award.

More information on the conference and its outputs are available here.



TRIBUTE team in Torino

On the occassion of the M6 meeting, the TRIBUTE team met at the beginning of April in Torino, Italy.

During this two day meeting, TRIBUTE work progress in individual WPs was discussed including discussions in specific workshops dedicated to modelling and simulation of testing sites, instalation of the sensors and development of the business model.

TRIBUTE EAB members also took part in the meeting. During the EAB meeting the overal project progress was presented to them as well as the first achievements and results.

During the meeting was also approved that next regular M12 meeting will be organized in Dublin, Ireland in the second half of October.

TRIBUTE M18 meeting in Brussels

brusselsThe TRIBUTE team will meet again at the end of April in Brussels, Belgium.

 A M18 meeting has been planned in order to present various achievements of first 18 months of the TRIBUTE project to representatives of the European Commission – Project Officer Dominique Planchon and Project Technical Advisor Carlos Bello.

During this meeting Work package leaders will present the progress within individual work packages and present the results achieved during the lifetime of the TRIBUTE project.

Participation of the representatives of all beneficiaries is expected.

TRIBUTE consortium will meet in Torino


The M6 meeting of the TRIBUTE project will take place in Torino, Italy on 1st and 2nd April 2014. The organizer of this meeting is City of Torino.

A two day meeting has been planned in order to review the already done work and to discuss further progress of the TRIBUTE project. During this semiannual meeting, External Advisory Board meeting should take place as well as several technical sessions, where technical issues arising during the previous phase of the project will be discussed. Planning of the further steps and actions will be also discussed during these technical sessions.