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TRIBUTE introduction video

press conferenceDuring the first day of the TRIBUTE Kick-off meeting a TV shooting took place. The aim of this shooting was to prepare a short TV spot where TRIBUTE project will be introduce to the public. Besides the basic information about the TRIBUTE project and consortium, the video also includes interviews with Project Coordinator Emmanuel Onillon (CSEM) and Scientific Coordinator Henri Obara (SE) as well as with the representative of the European Commission – Project Officer Claudia Boldrini.

The video can be viewed in the section Press releases. Within these section you can find all press relases connected with the TRIBUTE project.

TRIBUTE kicked-off

La Rochelle fotoOn October 8th – 10th 2013 TRIBUTE  kick-off meeting took place in La Rochelle, France. This meeting organised by Communauté d’Agglomération de La Rochelle serves mainly as opportunity for presentation of the project´s main objectives and parts, introduction of the individual partners and also for the start of the very first technical discussions. A first Generally Assembly was also held to make some important decisions for a smooth progress of the project.

On the third day of this meeting visit of several public buildings in  La Rochelle was performed. These could serve as testing sites for the TRIBUTE project in the future.

TRIBUTE launch


TRIBUTE project has been launched on 1st October 2013 and will last for four years until September 2017.

TRIBUTE aims at minimizing the gap between computed and measured energy performances through the improvement of the predictive capability of a state-of-the-art commercial BEPS. TRIBUTE will extend the useof this tool to the commissioning and operation stages of a building. For existing buildings, M&V techniques will be developed and deployed to connect the BEPS model in real time to the pivotal wireless sensing and control systems of a monitored building. This involves modelling building systems to a higher fidelity than done today, developing technology for on-line identification of building key parameters, and automatically adapting the on-line, real time BEPS to the actual building’s state.

In addition, BHM and EFM application will compare measured data to the then improved predicted metrics and will enable detecting building deviations. Advanced data mining methods will help evaluate these deviations. Subsequent Energy Efficiency Diagnostic Rules and optimization methods will provide cost effective and corrective retrofit actions accordingly.

The methodology and tools will be evaluated in the context of three different building types and locations.